AAE Tweet-Up: African Feminisms With @MsAfropolitan And @fiyawata

What about the women in Ghana?

That was the big question we wanted to answer in yesterday’s tweet-up, since it’s touched on in Jarreth Merz’s documentary An African Election.

So, we asked two experts on African feminisms, Minna Salami (a.k.a. @MsAfropolitan) and Yaba Blay (a.k.a. @fiyawata) to give their Twitterfied thoughts on how feminism influences the politics and policies in Ghana and other parts of the African continent. And, wow, they gave us a lot to think—and tweet—about! (We also got unexpected signal boosts from Feministe and African Diaspora thought-leader Arrianna Marie!)


An African Election premieres October 1, 2012 on PBS’ WORLD channel.